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Literacy Instruction For Early Learners

Literacy Instruction For Early Learners: Strong Reading Skills For Elementary School

Early literacy instruction is so important for your child's academic growth. There is more and more research to support literacy instruction for early learners. Children exposed to literacy instruction at a young age have a strong foundation entering elementary school, fostering more significant reading proficiency outcomes in their early academic years. 

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Preschool Enrichment
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Literacy Enrichment Classes
For  Preschoolers

The Friends Learning Center offers enrichment classes designed to foster confidence by preparing your preschoolers with a strong foundation for their early childhood academic years. Our playful hands-on classes and sessions utilize a "learn-by-doing" approach, meaning your child will gain a more substantial foundation by immersively engaging with the targeted subject while having fun. 

Preschool Literacy Enrichment Classes

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 The Friends Learning Center is a literacy-based enrichment center for preschoolers. Our enrichment classes utilize a hierarchy approach, fostering skills retention and mastery of the targeted information. We offer yearly classes, semester classes, and month-to-month classes  to accommodate the needs of the families in the Farmington Valley. While yearly-based instruction provides students with a strong continuity of skills and material, our month-to-month and semester classes are a perfect fit for those families who do not want to make the annual commitment.

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2023-2024 Preschool Registration

We would love to have your preschooler join us this year. Registration is currently open for our 2023-2024 school year. If you would like to find a class for your preschooler, message us to learn more about our available classes. We would be happy to help find a class time that fits your family's schedule.

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Private 1:1 Literacy Sessions For Kindergarten And First Grade Students

We often receive inquiries from parents of primary-aged students about literacy support for their kindergarten or first-grade students. This supports that many children are entering kindergarten, even first grade, and fall behind because they do not have the literacy foundation we provide for families in our preschool classes. We listen to the needs of the parents of the Farmington Valley and are now offering private 1:1 sessions to help support and foster strong literacy skills to help students succeed in their primary classrooms. 


Our Literacy Sessions 

Our literacy private sessions will be offered in a weekly drop-in schedule, which gives families the flexibility of using our sessions as they work for your family's schedule and child's needs. So, you can come as frequently or often as you would like. Maybe you would like your child to come every week, maybe your child needs a refresher once a month, or maybe your child is struggling with a  literacy concept they are learning in school and could use help mastering that skill. Whatever your reason, we've got you covered!

Registration is required for your child to claim the spot, and we require an 8-hour cancellation notice for all sessions.


Meet Our Founder & Director Mrs. Faust!


I am so excited to introduce you to The Friends Learning Center. My vision for The Friends Learning Center is to provide a nurturing environment where my students learn, engage, and have FUN. I want my students to LOVE coming to our learning center just as much as I LOVE seeing them come into my classroom.


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