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Pre-Kindergarten Readiness And Achievement Classes

The Friends Learning Center program is designed to foster confidence by preparing your child with a strong foundation for their entry into kindergarten. All classes are taught by an experienced professional with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Classes are designed to enhance your child’s current preschool or homeschooling program by solidifying their skills in a small group format. Contact Us to schedule your complimentary first class and learn more about our center.


The Immersively Engaging Classroom


We offer two-hour classes, with a limit of five students per class,

allowing personalized instruction for each participant. Our classes all combine creativity with instructional, interactive, hands-on learning.

Best part is our classes are FUN! All of our hands-on classes are a

“learn by doing” approach, meaning your child will gain new skills by immersively engaging with the targeted subject. Studies have shown

that our methodologies result in an inquisitive nature supported by

strong student engagement, increased content retention, and

improved problem solving and critical thinking skills.  We will foster

skills such as letter identification, letter sounds, early literacy skills,

phonemic awareness, number identification, counting, attending skills,

self regulation, problem solving, and following classroom routines and expectations.


Transitional Skills To Kindergarten

Our program fosters the transitional skills that are necessary for your preschooler to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of a typical kindergarten class, such as attending to material for longer periods of time, following classroom routines and expectations, and listening to teacher's instruction. By offering a lens into a typical classroom setting, students are better prepared for the additional structure that entering primary school brings. We approach this structure by facilitating intriguing but challenging hands-on educational activities and encouraging focus through motivating repetition. Our unique approach provides families of the Farmington Valley the opportunity to give their preschooler a more targeted educational program as they transition to kindergarten the following year. 


Class Registration


The Friends Learning Center offers three semesters throughout the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. There are many benefits to semester based instruction. It allows for the individualization of instruction for each student and their academic needs. Classes utilize a hierarchy approach fostering the retention of skills and mastery of the targeted information. We feel that drop-in classes do not provide the individualization and mastery of skills that our classes do, which will better prepare our students for kindergarten.








Meet Our
Founder & Director


I am so excited to introduce you to The Friends Learning Center. Before sharing with you all that the center has to offer, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. After receiving my master’s degree in special education from CW Post University on Long Island over 20 years ago, I spent many years teaching in the early childhood field. I have worked in various preschools in New York and Connecticut with students aged 2-7 years old. But my favorite age group to teach has always been pre-k students. In the early years of my career, I taught an inclusion preschool class as well as provided Birth To Three services to many children in the New York area. I then went on to teach “year of extra time” classes for preschoolers preparing to enter kindergarten at a local preschool in the Farmington Valley. It was here that I found my true passion and where I knew I am meant to be teaching.  I love working with and supporting preschoolers as they begin their journey to kindergarten. It is the reason I wanted to open The Friends Learning Center in Avon.

Nowadays, I am a mom to two teenage girls who inspire me every day.  In fact, my experiences as a mom played a part in my decision to open The Friends Learning Center. I have been exactly where you are today - my girls were once just like your little ones.  I know the challenges and struggles of wanting your child to be prepared for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and academically.  And for all these reasons, both as a mom and an early childhood educator, I am so excited to help meet the needs of preschoolers and their families in the Farmington Valley.

My vision for The Friends Learning Center is to provide a nurturing environment in which my students are learning and engaging but also having FUN. I want my students to LOVE coming to our learning center just as much as I LOVE seeing them come into my classroom. I would love to give you a tour of our center to show you our classroom, learn about our classes, and to meet you!


Hope to see you soon.


Your Friend, 

Mrs. Faust



The Friends Learning Center understands that choosing programs and activities for your preschooler is often a big decision. We are confident that our classes will be a great fit for your child’s preschool years. Therefore, we want to answer any questions that you may have about The Friends Learning Center. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from parents. Please reach out to us with any additional questions you may have about our program. The Friends Learning Center is here to support you in choosing the best program for your preschooler.


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